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Thoughts of Rotary Leaders: Kenneth R. Boyd

septiembre 13, 2012

Director, Rotary International 2011–2013.

Everyone states: “We need more members,” but for some reason, it seems to stop at that point Why?

A quick analysis is that we fail to train our leaders on “How to do this job?” We fail to recognise that everyone’s role is different and we like to put everyone in the same box. We also make it too complex.

Simply put, there are only three (3) things that must be done to have success:

1. We must focus.

2. Everyone has a role.

3. There must be a commitment.

How we go about achieving these three (3) ideas will vary from area to area to have success; however, the roles of “How to do this job” in the three (3) categories and sub-categories below them must be defined to the point that Rotarians, no matter which position they hold (DG, Club President, Membership Chair Member, etc.) will have direction that they can expand on to lead the way and succeed.

Zone 25–26 have been working on such a plan with job descriptions and directives for all three (3) of the above and their many sub-points for over a year. They have developed a plan named “IGNITE” that is available on their website at


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