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Thoughts of Rotary Leaders: Sakuji Tanaka

septiembre 13, 2012

President, Rotary International 2012–2013.

 Membership is something that, we are always talking about in Rotary. The bigger Rotary is, the stronger we are. But a larger membership is not the only goal. Just bringing new people into Rotary only for the purpose of having more members will not make Rotary stronger We will make Rotary stronger when we bring in people who do not just join a Rotary club, but who become Rotarians. We have to show prospective members that, Rotary is a wonderful organisation to join and that they will be happier because of Rotary. All of us have benefited from Rotary. All of us love Rotary. We want others to join Rotary because we want them to experience, the same happiness that we have found.

It is clear to me that, the day I joined the Rotary Club of Yashio, was a day that I put my first step, on a different path in life: one of greater connection, greater satisfaction, and a deeper sense of fulfillment and peace. This is a feeling that I want to share with others. And I know that one way to do it is to invite them into Rotary membership.

An approach that I suggest is to write down the five greatest strengths of Rotary — these will be the reasons you joined Rotary — the things that enriched your life. Share these with friends and colleagues and ask them to consider becoming Rotarians.

It is every Rotarian’s privilege to share the benefits of being a Rotarian with others. It is every Rotarian’s responsibility to see that his or her Rotary club grows and that members remain active and engaged in the work of Rotary.


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