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Thoughts of Rotary Leaders: Ron D. Burton

septiembre 13, 2012

President elect, Rotary International 2013–2014

Membership growth, membership development, membership retention, membership plans — membership is like the weather. We spend a lot of time talking about it. But, unlike the weather we can do something about membership. Like almost everything in Rotary, the key is not what committees say or what boards decide, but rather what Rotarians and Rotary clubs ‘Do’.

Every Rotarian in every club is there because at some time in the past a Rotarian invited him or her into membership. The Rotarians who have remained in their clubs for a number of years have done so because they have found membership to be meaningful and to provide opportunities for fellowship and service that they value. So why doesn’t every Rotarian invite a friend or colleague to become a Rotarian?

We are working to develop regional membership plans to help this happen. These plans are to be culturally appropriate to local situations and provide ideas and support to bring this goal to reality. These are important tools with which to build and strengthen membership. We are looking for ways to help clubs remain vibrant and engaging. This is important in retaining members long term. But all of this is aimed at one thing: encouraging Rotarians to invite others to join Rotary.

In August, I wrote to the class of 2013–14 Governors asking each of them to bring in a new member before the 2013 International Assembly. If the ‘Class of 2013–14’ meets this challenge we will do something extraordinary in the annals of Rotary history. I told them, “We can distinguish ourselves as the first class ever to have every District Governor-elect sponsor a member. And, while we may not always be the only class to do it, we will always be the first class.”

Membership will be a major focus in all the training these incoming governors will receive. It is a topic that will receive significant attention at the International Assembly and beyond. I believe we are on the right path. But it requires the commitment and follow-through of every Rotarian in every club in every community around the world to really make a lasting impact on our membership numbers.

What would happen if just 3 people in each club invited one new member each month for a year? We would have over 1.2 million new members in just one year!

Rotary is an important part of the lives of the 1.2 million Rotarians of today. It is up to us to share the benefits and rewards of Rotary membership with another 1.2 million people. The world needs Rotary and Rotary needs committed and energetic Rotarians. Don’t hide or hoard the gift of Rotary. If every Rotary were to share that gift with just one other person, the results would be amazing


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2 comentarios
  1. Gov Joaquim Monte permalink


    Engage Rotary with optimism and hope in the morning!
    Make a personal commitment of love for the life of all.
    Always see the positive side of everything.
    Nothing is strong enough to impede rotary action.
    Engage Rotary is to value all of its moments.

    Engage Rotary is to combat misery and ignorance!
    Engage Rotary is to transform lives and do good!
    Seek the most worthy existence for caring people!
    Commit to better the needy community!
    Engage Rotary is to dream and make dreams come true!

    Donation a gesture of love for our neighbor and human solidarity!
    Contributing permits voluntary service with love!
    To promote understanding is the good will of men!
    Support proposals and initatives to better the community!
    Promote harmony, well-being, and peace between all nations!

    We are missionaries of life, we survive well and live together well!
    Health is a basic condition for survival!
    Living together e a basic condition for happiness!

    All rotarians, every year, experiencing the ideal of service!
    All citizens mobilized and involved em caring for your life!
    Developing the maximum of human potential!
    The power of transformation of lives in your community!
    Helping yourself and working collectively to improve your quality of life!

    “Engage Rotary, Change Lives,” is our ideal.


    Oração inspirada no 59º Lema de Rotary International: VIVER ROTARY – TRANSFORMAR VIDAS – do Presidente 2013/14 Ron D. Burton, (Jetta) – Rotary Club de Norman – Oklahoma / EUA – Uma colaboração do Distrito 4730: Governador Luiz Alberto Scorsin (Gisele), R. C. de Curitiba Oeste – Governador 2013-14 / Curitiba – Paraná – Brasil. Autor: Joaquim Monte – Governador 1998-99 do Distrito 4730 de Rotary International.

    • Caro companheiro Joaquim,

      MUITO OBRIGADO!! Indeed this is great information that many can benefit from!! I am very happy of your comment and enthusiasm and passion for Rotary. Thank you very much for everything and please do not hesitate contacting me again! Um grande abraço, Pablo Ruiz


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